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Give Up Robot Unblocked

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Amidst all the high graphics game and the world heading towards a better version of virtual reality day by day, there still exists a place in our digital life that we dedicate to flash games. Give Up Robot Unblocked is that one amongst the many flash games that has attracted a lot of players and kept them glued to their playing screen for hours.

Thise game has a very colorful platform and functions with very basic controls. You’ll be required to use these controls to let your robot get across 50 levels in order to complete the game. The left and right arrow of the keyboard will move your robot in the forward and backward direction while the upward arrow key will make your robot jump. A long press of the upward arrow key will make the robot jump higher.

While playing the game Give Up Robot Unblocked you will come across points where just jumping wouldn’t do, so, you’ll have to grasp the ceiling or any other surface above by pressing A or Z key after jumping in the forward direction. Once your robot gets hold of the ceiling, you can adjust the height by pressing up and down arrow key and then use right and left arrow key to swing the robot and then jump. As the level of the game increases there comes new level of difficulties which makes the game more challenging and also interesting at the same time. You might easily cross the first twenty levels of the game but what comes next to it will give you the real challenge.

And irrespective of how much you play Give Up Robot Unblocked it, it will always make you crave for more. So, are you willing to go the extra mile to make your robot reach the destination?

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